it takes a village

Meet the people who keep our spot running and wonderful. Without the help of these farmers, photographers, problem solvers and fixers we would not be who we are. 


Wise Family farms

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Not many people can say that they eat eggs hatched at a farm seven miles down the road everyday for breakfast. Not many people can say that they have met the farmer who gathers said eggs at said farm at 4am every morning. And not many people can call that farmer with said eggs from said farm, a friend. 

Wise Family Farms has provided fresh eggs, pasture-raised-chickens, herbs, produce and the occasional bunch of sunflowers from Helen’s garden to us for the past eight years running.  Our breakfast and brunch menu is centered around their seasonal offerings and our values at The Village are, in a lot of ways, centered around them. When that white pickup truck rolls down 26th, we know we’re about to get the best eggs in the Valley grown by one of the best families

It is just a way of life that we embrace and enjoy. Been raising animals and growing some thing all our lives. - Helen Wise

Harvey and Helen grew up on farms right here in the Brazos Valley and have raised their children, grandchildren and a slew of animals out in Smetana.  They appreciate Bryan and the Downtown Community for it’s vibrant arts scene and it’s easy-going vibe. 

As the organizers of the Brazos Valley Farmers Market in Downtown Bryan, Helen and Harvey Wise have a good view of the agricultural life here and are life-long advocates of small farms and small businesses.  They are dedicated to spreading awareness about the farming industry and support The Village and the Downtown Bryan community wherever they can.

White Air Conditioning

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It’s those small, often-overlooked, details of our everyday lives that can really send us running for help when we realize they’re missing.  Like, for instance, when a restaurant’s refrigerator or air conditioning decides to stop working in the middle of a Texas summer. 

Having been around for the better part of a decade, we’ve seen this happen more than enough times to know that having a reliable repairman is more than a necessity - it’s a blessing.  And we have been blessed to know the folks at White’s AC & Appliance for over a year now. 

Mr. and Mrs. White are residents of the College Station area and decided to open a business that would service and help benefit the surrounding Bryan/College Station area.  When asked about their favorite part of their line of work, they answered in simple terms that we can all understand and appreciate. 

One of the best things about our business is the satisfaction of helping residents find a solution to their HVAC and appliance issues that may otherwise be a hindering their daily lives. You don’t know how much you miss heating or air-conditioning until it’s not working. Giving that back is very rewarding. - Mr. White

Mr. White and his staff play an integral part in The Village’s success as a community hub for Downtown Bryan.  I can’t tell you how many times the words “We’ll just call Mr. White” have calmed my nerves during a busy Saturday brunch.  Without their service and reliability we would not be able to provide a comfortable and inviting space, and we are happy to call them Villagers. 

Royalty Pecans

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Our relationship with Royalty Pecans is truly magical - partnering with a farm that has such a deep and rich love of what they do and the history behind it is inspiring. Who knew such a little nut held all that majesty of the Brazos?

In the Heart of Texas, where the Old San Antonio Road crosses the majestic Brazos River, lies a fertile piece of God’s earth known as Royalty Pecan Farms®. Here we grow one of nature’s most healthful foods: the Texas pecan.

History records that native inhabitants, the American Indians, tell stories of the “Royal” tree that lined the banks of the great river. For centuries, the river has deposited rich soils along its route, preparing the landscape for the growing season. The pecan tree is a miraculous food factory that combines these soils with pure water and abundant sunshine to produce a nutritious nugget: the Royalty Pecan.

As stewards of the land and caretakers of the trees, we offer to you a delectable moment of taste that is literally centuries in the making.

We're proud to serve Royalty Pecans on our menu and hope you enjoy every bit of that wonderful little nut! 

Garza Photo & Design

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It’s happened on a few occasions: someone will come in to the cafe and feel an instant connection with who we are and what we do.  It’s an honor for us to provide a welcoming place to so many in this community and be the “neighborhood hangout”.  But no so often does this happen on the same level as it happened for Tamara and Alex Garza. 

Tamara and Alex started coming to The Village first because of convenience (they needed coffee close to their downtown home), then because it was a wonderful, healthy restaurant to bring their kids to, and then they were here so often that we finally started asking “Who are you people?”.  It didn’t take long for us all to realize how wonderful this friendship would be. 

Tamara and Alex run Garza Photo Design, Photography and Graphic Design, a local photography and design studio that has been an integral part of our marketing strategy the past couple years.  Not only is their talent and commitment to our vision overwhelmingly appreciated, their friendship has become an integral part of how we stay true to that vision.  

Since starting this business, our photography has become a necessary creative outlet and affords us opportunities to meet interesting people in far off places, and document our friends and families in a more authentic way. Through this we’ve become a part of a bigger, stronger network of talented creatives in Downtown Bryan. - Tamara Garza

Tamara and Alex are a perfect example of what The Village is: a welcoming place for all people, that often produces life long friendships and sometimes produces brilliant business partnerships. 

scarmardo produce

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Since opening our doors in November 2008, we knew we wanted to be a local business in every sense of the word.  We wanted to receive from, provide for and support our community- so we partnered with other local businesses who shared the same vision. 

In the early 1970’s, the Scarmardo family saw the need for fresh, quality produce in the Brazos Valley area. That vision became a reality in 1974 when they opened the doors to the Farm Patch a unique fruit and vegetable stand that included all types of food products, flowers and bedding plants. It has become widely known and recognized for its quality, freshness, fair pricing and overall “Old Market” appeal.

Over the next several years, the Farm Patch continued to grow to become a leading source of produce in the Brazos Valley. With offices next door to the Farm Patch, a sales force made up of family members and friends began servicing a customer base of up to 100 miles from Bryan/College Station.

The word spread quickly that we were capable of delivering the same quality products as what was available at the Farm Patch retail location. Our customers entrusted us with their growing need for quality fresh produce, and our family made it a priority to service that need.

Scarmardo provides us with great produce and superior customer service twice a week - making our jobs that much easier. Their family is a pleasure to work with and has helped us grow to what we are today. 

What's the buzz coffee

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We like to say that The Village provides the fuel for Downtown Bryan: caffeine.  For the better part of a decade, we have served coffee in all its wonderful forms to the people who get things done in this community.  And since day one, that coffee has come from What’s The Buzz Coffee Co. right down the road in College Station.

Our businesses and our minds work in the same way: we see the value of small batch production, of craft and dedication, of quality over quantity and of providing a top-notch customer experience every step of the way. 

Our passion is quality beans and quality coffee. We primarily roast single-origin coffee beans from small estate, fair trade and/or organic farms. Once a good bean is in our hands, it’s our job to bring out the best of the bean in the roasting process. As a localized micro-roastery, you can enjoy a truly fresh cup of coffee today from a batch roasted yesterday. - Rodrigo

We also like to say that we are the “living room” of Downtown Bryan- a welcoming and comfortable place for people to relax, unwind and connect with friends and family over a meal and often a cup of coffee. 

drift creative

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Several years ago we decided we wanted a little "brand makeover".  Something to give us a more updated style and an easy way to share ourselves with people in the community who had never been here.  Wanting to stick to our core, we hired a local creative advertising agency who we believe shared the same vision of creating beautiful things here in the Brazos Valley. 

We hired Drift to re-do our logo and give us some tips on creating a true Village brand, something that people would see and immediately understand our values and mission.  We were not disappointed.  

The team at Drift walked with us every step of the way.  Our shared passion for this community and the businesses here drove the entire project and we could not be happier with the end product. 

We love The Village because our drive to work on local projects and make our town a more beautiful place is a goal both businesses share.

You might not think that a restaurant/art gallery and a creative advertising agency have that much in common but you should look again.  We both want to make beautiful things & help our community to make and appreciate the beautiful things right here at home. 

We get to work with amazing people who are passionate about their companies. It is easy to stay energized and enjoy work when you're able to surround yourself with clients who share your passion.

howdy farms

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From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to serve fresh, local produce on our menu.  We saw the value that this sort of business would bring to the community on all sorts of levels.  And we got a little lucky when some students at TAMU had the idea to start a sustainable farm on campus in 2009 - right around the time we opened.  

The Howdy Farm was created when a group of passionate students decided that they wanted a student-run farm on campus to strengthen what they were learning in the classroom.  They realized quickly the challenges of running an agricultural business in this day and age - competition from grocery stores and produce distributors who have a wide range of products year round, and the lack of awareness the public has about food systems and the local economy.  When we met in the summer of 2009, it was a perfect fit: two groups of passionate people who feel this personal connection with a customer builds long lasting relationships that are vital to the local economy. 

We strive to strengthen our community through our mission of connecting people back to their food source, as well as building strong relationships with our customers. We believe The Village is a necessity and staple in the community for the same reasons.

Our relationship with Howdy Farms is going strong, thanks to their amazing (sometimes silly!) vegetables and their lasting commitment to good food supporting good people.  Experiential learning is a crucial part of the educational process and the students who call the farm home during their time at A&M are forever changed by the experience.  Supporting local food and business is crucial to a thriving economy, which in turn benefits the community as a whole. 

banks & banks

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It's a fact these days: everybody needs a good lawyer.  No matter how serious the situation- having someone on your side that understands the ins and outs of the legal system (who can ever understand those licensing agreements??) is never a bad idea.  We are lucky to have Amy Banks from Banks & Banks Attorneys at our side - and we're lucky that we don't have to use her that often!

My dad, Philip C. Banks, started practicing law in Brazos County in 1982. Before that, my great-grandfather, two great-great uncles, many cousins and other relatives too numerous to mention all practiced law in the Brazos Valley, so I am proud to continue the family tradition. In 2009, I returned home to Bryan after law school, and I’m privileged to practice law with the best lawyer I know, my Dad. Aron Hutchins joined Banks & Banks in 2015, and we are proud to work together as a team to protect the rights of citizens in Brazos and surrounding counties.

Not only does Amy work with us professionally, she is a big part of our Village community.  Her generous heart and absolutely-joy-filled-presence is matched only by her husband (Donny Hall from Studio82) and two wonderful boys.  Seeing her walk in our front doors is always a treat. 

I consider The Village a vital part of my life…my husband and I reconnected there at Texas Reds 2011 and he proposed to me on the steps in the alley outside of the Village back door. My son, Philip, thinks of the Village as his second home. I don’t know what we would do without The Village!


blackwater draw brewery

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You know what’s awesome? Beer.  You know what’s really awesome? Local beer.  And what’s really, really awesome?  Local beer made by two guys with the same name. 

Chris Weingart and Chris Steele started Blackwater Draw Brewing Company in June of 2013, with their first brewpub on Northgate and later their brewery on Main in Downtown Bryan.  With Steele’s extensive knowledge of the restaurant industry (he also owns O’Bannons Tap House on Northgate) and Weingart’s passion for brewing, the two got together and decided to open a brewpub in BCS that brewed its own beer and served creative food in a fun environment.

I was never accused of being a morning person but waking up isn’t so bad when day in and day out you get to do what you love: craft a beverage that I have loved all my adult life and share that with a community that holds a very close and special place in my heart. - Chris Weingart

The Village serves all Blackwater’s brews and is proud to serve such a great product from our neighbors right down the street. 

new republic brewery

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We've mentioned before that we like to think of The Village as Downtown Bryan's living room - a place where friends can gather and share their lives, thoughts and dreams with the community.  One excellent example of this is New Republic Brewery, whose co-founders John Januskey and Dean Brundage met in 2010 right here over coffee.  John overheard Dean saying that the B/CS area needed a brewery.  Together they launched New Republic Brewing Co. to be the first and only production brewery in B/CS.

So naturally, we were their first customer in 2011 and have been serving a variety of their beers on our menu ever since. 

Of course, we love the vibe and fact that The Village brings people together to enjoy great food, excellent beer, and most importantly, good company.

Make sure to check our calendar for one of our famous Beer Dinners - where we partner with local breweries and create a four course meal pairing perfectly with several of their brews. New Republic is often on the menu!

jimmy bobby’s sausage co.

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Jimmy Bobby’s Sausage came into our Village family by way of owner Kristy Petty - they were married in March of 2016.  Jim Bob has been making sausage for friends and family after learning the craft from his beloved "Pappaw" and perfecting it in during his years in the Air Force spent abroad. 

After marrying Kristy in 2014, I decided it was time to share my sausage making skills with my new family. I had Jackson (my stepson) help me do everything from cutting the meat, selecting and measuring the ingredients, grinding, mixing and finally stuffing. He was pretty impressed! Eventually I made the other sausages, Bratwurst and Italian, which met with even more success!

The Village Café is near and dear to my heart for so many reasons. One is plainly obvious! The other big reason is that they take so much pride in their food, service, and atmosphere. The Village is so much more than a Café; it is a place many people call home.