What are your hours?

Ok, do you have a pen to write this down? They can be tricky.  

Monday :  7am-5pm

Tuesday :  7am-5pm

Wednesday : 7am- 10pm

Thursday : 7am - 10pm  (Singer Songwriter Night!)

Friday : 7am- 10pm  (Fun events or LIVE music, check our calendar!)

Saturday : 7am -2am  (Salsa Dancing!)

Sunday :  7am-5pm

We also hold private events which means we will periodically close early - make sure to follow us on Facebook for day-to-day changes

do you take reservations?

This is also a little bit tricky.  We do not take reservations most of the time.  Our restaurant is an order-at-the-counter-take-a-number-we'll-bring-it-out-to-you kind of place.  However, if you have a party of 10 or more (and especially if you are on a schedule) then give us a call ahead of time and we will make sure we can save you a spot. 

You serve coffee, does that mean i can come study here on the weekends?

While we LOVE being a part of the Aggie community & supporting students in their pursuit of education - we are first and foremost a restaurant that needs our tables to turn over to make our business run ( i.e. pay our rent, our electric bills and most importantly our employees).  This means that, especially on weekends during our busiest brunch and dinner hours, we cannot allow studying in our space for hours on end.  Please use your best judgement when choosing to study at The Village.  If it's a slow Tuesday afternoon and there are plenty of tables open then yes (!!), have a Lavender Mocha and a TBA with us and read all the Organic Chemistry your brain can handle. If it's a Saturday morning and there's a line out the door, please sit and have breakfast with us, but don't pull tables together and get out a library of books and computers. 

Are you a Vegetarian/vegan/gluten free restaurant?

While we are not specifically those things, we definitely cater to all sorts of diets at The Village!  We make 95% of our menu in house, which means what you eat is the freshest and healthiest version of it.  Most everything can be customized to what you need & our staff is capable of walking you through menu items to ensure you get exactly what you need.  Our gluten free bread and pastries are made in house and are the best in the Brazos Valley. 

Who painted your amaaaaazing mural?

J. Vincent Scarpace www.ipaintfish.com

can i rent the village for a private event?

Absolutely!  Email order@thevillagedowntown.com for more info

I am part of a non-profit organization/student organization and we're hosting a raffle/fundraiser.  Does the village donate gift cards to events like this? 

Yeah dude!  Email our Business Manager, Maria, at maria@thevillagedowntown.com and she'll talk you through our donation process and get one for you.  We have a limit of how many gift cards we donate each month, so as soon as you know what your event date is- email her quick!