It's our 100th show!

As you know, we put up new art every month here at the cafe and have been doing it every month since we opened.  Now, we’re not super good at math (well, Maria is and she’s brilliant and she’s letting us get away with this one), but we’ve calculated that this month is the 100th time we’ve put incredible, local, Brazos Valley talent up on our walls!

2017 Artists Include

Albert Guillermo, Ashley Lane ,Barbara German, Ben Schoenekase, Brad Powell, Brian Michael Smith, Charles Wallis, Cherry Moore, Clarice N. Aaron, Coleen Bradfield, David Sites, Eric Theodore, Eric Walley, Greta Watkins, J. Vincent Scarpace, Joel Jeremy Herrera, John Bigley, John Krajicek, Joseph Williams, Laura Hoeting, Lisa Urban, Mary Skow, Mat Walpert, Michael Darin, Michael Pinney, Pam Holland, Renee Sadler, Sarah Henderson, Shelby Lancaster, Sherry Killingsworth, Taiwo Thompson, Yolanda Cheng