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It Takes A Village - Drift Creative

May 16, 2017
It Takes A Village

 A few years ago, we decided we wanted to re-vamp our look: just a little added oomph to the great things we already had going. And in keeping with our love for all things local we went to Drift Creative, a marketing and branding agency here in Bryan. The guys at Drift helped us focus in on the direction we wanted our brand to go, and made us a real cool logo that we put on everrrrrrythinnngg.  (Hint, hint: get yourself a Village coffee cup.)

Drift was born in 2010 after co-founders Martin and Gavin spent about a year traveling and designing, hence the name: Drifting Creatives. We were immediately impressed with their style, their ambition and their story of creating beautiful work here in Bryan. We knew we'd be a great fit and that they would help us shape our beloved cafe.

"We get to work with amazing people who are passionate about their companies. It is easy to stay energized and enjoy work when you're able to surround yourself with clients who share your passion." - Drift

There are an infinite number of details that go into making this cafe run, and a solid brand and marketing strategy is one of the pillars we stand on everyday.  We are grateful to know the guys at Drift for the hard work they do for us and for this community we both love.

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